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Geocaching + Camping + Texas

We are geocachers who love camping and exploring new places.  We get together and camp in a different Texas state park every month.  

Explore the great state of Texas

Our group is able to explore the wonderful state of Texas while camping together.  $25 per family for the weekend is a great way to get out and claim counties as well as meet other geocaching goals. 

1st Rate Ranger Programming

We often have special presentations delivered by the State Park Rangers just for our group.  Get the most out a visit to a State Park with our group!

What to expect

When do I arrive?

You can arrive as early as Friday afternoon.  Most people arrive Friday evening after work.  We will have a fire going once it gets dark and you can set up camp anywhere in the pioneer camp area.  If you can't make it till Saturday thats fine too!  We will still be happy to have you.  

What about food?

Breakfast is generally a meal each attendee will handle on their own.  However, every Saturday night we get together for a communal meal.  You can think pot-luck.  Please bring something to share!  We will always have a main dish cooking and all the attendees can add to it with side items!  

Fun for kids?

 Of course it is!  Feel free to bring all your little ones and introduce them to the joys of both camping and geocaching!  A weekend camping in the park is far superior to hours in front a screen.  

Make the weekend what you want!

We will try to have programing planned.  Feel free to join in or head out and do your own thing.  You are under no obligation to participate in any of the planned activities.  

Make friends across the state!

This is a great chance to share your amazing geocaching stories with like minded individuals from across the state! Forge friendships around the fire! Camping and geocaching are a perfect pair!

Trackable Raffle!

During our Saturday event we will always have a trackable raffle!  Anyone can contribute to the stash and get tickets.  

2 Pathtags = 1 Ticket

1 Trackable tag = 1 Ticket

1 Geocoin = 2 Tickets

Contact Us

Better yet, see us in person!

We would love to see you at any of our camping events!

Texas Geocampers

Texas, United States

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